Where Business is a Pleasure

The Formula One Paddock Club™ has proved itself to be an unrivalled asset for networking within the impressive Formula 1® corporate community, forging business relationships or simply spending valuable time with your most important contacts. With a whole day to engage with guests, it is where our corporate clients do serious business stylishly and effortlessly.

To facilitate this, the Formula One Paddock Club™ provides a dedicated business networking platform, which includes a business suite and a digital networking App. For larger corporate groups, fully private suites are available and these can be personalised and tailored as required. It is an invitation that is rarely refused.

Our invitation system fits perfectly with the needs of corporate clients. Taking best advantage of the three day format of a Formula 1 ® event, we have designed individual passes for each day of our two and three day packages so that our clients may choose to invite a different guest each day if they wish.

Many of the world’s largest companies and brands use the Formula One Paddock Club ™ to deliver impressive business development opportunities, as well as deeply engaging client hospitality and employee incentives. This degree of flexibility maximises the business benefits and value of the Formula One Paddock Club ™

The Formula One Paddock Club™ weekend

The Formula 1® action runs from Friday to Sunday and the Formula One Paddock Club™ provides three full days of activity. Where hospitality at other events may force a compromise between watching the action, spending time with clients or networking with other guests, Formula 1® provides ample opportunity for all of these.

The Formula One Paddock Club™ offers business professionals

A Dedicated Business Space

The Formula One Paddock Club™ provides dedicated business facilities at all of its events. There is either a Business Suite where you can quietly meet, “one-to-one”, with your guests and network with others or there is a dedicated concierge service providing you with the essential business services you need over a weekend. Our Business Suites can also be made available for your own fully private use, whether this be for your own client conferences, forums or networking sessions, giving you the opportunity to host your own “event within an event”. Away from the spectacle of the unfolding Formula 1® weekend, the Business Suite offers a more focused environment. It’s a place for quiet and informal meetings; it’s the place to meet and is where work gets done.

The Meeting Point for Global Brands

Over 200 of the world’s biggest corporates are involved in F1® and use the Formula One Paddock Club™ as an essential part of their partnerships. Many of our Formula One Paddock Club™ guests are from these corporates. Other clients have no direct involvement in Formula 1® but choose F1® events and the Formula One Paddock Club™ because it provides an effective global platform for their business development and hospitality programmes. The list of our Global Partners, Official Suppliers and Event Sponsors alone is testament to the quality of the Formula One Paddock Club™ guest list.

An Invitation Unlikely To Be Refused

A Formula 1® Grand Prix is a race but also an event. The thrill, the noise, the spectacle is captivating – and that applies just as much in the elegant surroundings of the Formula One Paddock Club™, as it does out in the packed grandstands. The reputation and global profile of a Formula 1® event makes the allure of a Grand Prix inescapable. An invitation to a Formula 1® event is an experience that your clients will be flattered to receive and will certainly want to accept.


We can host you whether you are a small or large group - and for larger groups we offer fully private and customisable suites. Our clients have developed sophisticated programmes around the Formula One Paddock Club™ and know how to make a full weekend work effectively for them. It is this flexibility that keeps our clients returning year after year.

our Bespoke Weekend

Our two or three-day packages are individually ticketed, allowing you to invite a different guest each day. This is one of the keys that makes the Formula One Paddock Club™ such a flexible platform and allows our clients to pool the demands of various departments. Friday is often used as part of an employee incentive programme and is seen as an effective way for senior management to get to know or reward their key local employees. Saturday is typically used both for hosting clients and for networking with other targeted corporates. Sunday is primarily dedicated to spending time with key clients in a productive and conducive setting. All of these objectives can be met with one 3 day package.

The Business Parallels Are All Around You

There are many parallels between the sport of Formula 1® and the business world and these are apparent when you get up close to this fascinating world; Historic rivalries, relentless competition, bitter disappointments and hard won victories... Where teamwork is essential – but competition is too. Where you keep your friends close – and your enemies closer. Meticulous planning - for what you know is going to happen - but also for what you don’t. Where innovation is put to the test every two weeks, and sometimes found wanting. They say that Formula 1® is a sport like no other and this is true. But it is remarkably like many businesses.

Summary Of Benefits

The Formula One Paddock Club™ Programme includes:

  • 2 or 3 day weekend event package
  • Prime Location above the F1® Pit Lane and team garages
  • Restaurant quality dining with fine wines and champagne
  • All day refreshments and entertainment
  • Access to the Formula One Paddock Club™ Business Suite
  • Access to the Formula One Paddock Club™ networking App
  • Exclusive guest F1® Pit lane tours
  • F1® Team and driver appearances
  • Private event space
  • Support Race Paddock access
  • Dedicated guest parking